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Is it Worth Selling on Amazon in 2024?

Amazon sourcing

Wondering if is it worth selling on Amazon in 2024? Well, according to a recent Amazon seller report the platform giant is anticipated to make $574 billion in revenue by 2024 of which 23% of that amount will be generated through third-party sellers. With 51% of all product searches starting here, Amazon keeps its grip on the online shopping market despite growing competition which in more simpler terms means that the opportunity to make worthwhile income via Amazon more viable than ever. 

As an Amazon FBA seller you can focus solely on business development while Amazon handles inventory management, delivery, and customer care.  This doesn’t mean it is an easy ride, there are other challenges to consider when running an Amazon business but its efficiency in taking care of those common logistical barriers for you with ease, allow you to scale easier once you have all other pieces of the puzzle in place.

If you are considering jumping into this business model you might want to think about using Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) over MF (Merchant Fulfilled). If you want to know why, below we have listed a few key factors that make online arbitrage via Amazon FBA an attractive model to pursue when selling in any Amazon marketplace.



Low Startup Costs

Most people can easily start businesses on Amazon as only a small amount of money is required some have even tried it out with as much as $100 but if you are looking to take it seriously and gain meaningful monthly income from it we recommend have a monthly budget set for at least 3-6 months perhaps say $1000 a month fro example and that money needs to be an amount you can afford to lose without it leaving you in debt or homeless (perhaps an obvious thing to say but we have heard some horror stories in our time!).  The great thing is with Amazon FBA is that sellers can concentrate on finding items and creating their labels instead of worrying about holding inventory or shipping logistics costs often linked with traditional brick-and-mortar shops. Hence, the cost of getting into this business is very low, thus allowing prospective merchants to establish themselves quickly, leading to minimal market risks. 

Sellers can utilise Amazon’s selling platform and fulfilment services to start earning money and reinvesting it into more inventory in order to scale gently over time. Generally it is considered an inexpensive and low risk way to try out entrepreneurship, for individuals with small starting capital especially if engaging with the online arbitrage model. 


Global Reach

Selling on Amazon FBA offers a big advantage of reaching a global audience. Amazon has a huge marketplace worldwide, so you can sell to people worldwide, not just locally. Amazon FBA lets you connect with millions of buyers in different countries with the multitude of categories you are allowed to sell. Amazon’s system and network allow you to fulfil orders quickly and affordably, no matter where you are. This global reach helps you attract customers from different places without relying on just one market. It also enables you to take advantage of sales opportunities in other parts of the world. For example once you feel like you have all the processes set up in one market place it isn’t too much of a leap to jump into another market as the operational process’s are more or less the same.


Prime Eligibility

When utilising Amazon FBA, sellers qualify to offer prime shipping to buyers, which as we all know makes shopping an enjoyable experience and is often the preference for consumers over buying merchant fulfilled items.  This prime eligibility improves product visibility with an increased profit conversion rate and develops trust with buyers, leading to repeated buying behaviour and creating loyal customers. In the crowded e-commerce marketplace, sellers leverage their prime badge to access buyers who want this fast shipping and reliable service.


Fulfilment Efficiency

Amazon FBA ensures sellers deliver promptly while maintaining reliability in the fulfilment processes. Sellers’ businesses grow because Amazon takes care of inventory storage, packing, and shipment activities involving such businesses by outsourcing order fulfilment itself. Such efficient fulfilment models make scaling possible without the typical logistics challenges e-commerce businesses face. Their systems support uninterrupted processing and delivery whenever there is a holiday surge or fluctuation in inventory level for timely customer service, thus improving satisfaction. This seamless fulfilment experience offered by Amazon’s FBA program enables sellers to meet expectations around modern-day online purchasing and perform well in highly dynamic e-commerce.


Customer Trust

When selling on Amazon FBA, there is a certain level of trust and confidence that comes from customers due to the company’s reputation for dependability and customer satisfaction. Prime badges and prime shipping options only tell the buyers that products are supported by Amazon’s quality check process, plus fast delivery. The buyers will not hesitate to buy from any sellers who have used the credibility of Amazon’s brand identity and adopted its customer-centric approach to selling their goods. 

They would also shop around knowing they are shielded against any eventualities, such as returns through Amazon’s A-to-Z guarantee or hassle-free return policy. This can create an impressive shopping experience that leads to repeated business. Amazon FBA enhances higher conversion rates, lower return rates, and increased customer lifetime value for sellers.


Is it Worth Selling on Amazon in 2024?


Inventory Management

Amazon FBA provides sellers with advanced inventory management tools and resources to streamline operations and optimise stock levels. From tracking inventory levels to managing product listings and replenishing stock, sellers can efficiently manage their inventory with Amazon’s intuitive dashboard. Sellers can set up automated alerts for low stock levels, monitor sales performance, and adjust pricing strategies to maximise profitability.

With Amazon handling inventory storage and order fulfilment, sellers can focus on sourcing new products, expanding product lines, and growing their businesses. Amazon FBA’s robust inventory management capabilities enable sellers to stay agile and responsive to market demand, ensuring a steady supply of products to meet customer needs effectively.


Accessing Amazon’s Resources

As an Amazon FBA seller, you can access the resources Amazon provides through its support. From seller support services such as educational materials, tutorial tools, etc., Amazon equips sellers with what they need to compete in the tight e-commerce industry. This allows them to leverage Amazon’s expertise in areas like advertisement marketing or product optimisation, which will help them increase traffic and sales volumes. Whether you’re experienced or new to this line of business, Amazon has something valuable for everyone when selling online. Sellers can effectively overcome obstacles, optimise their operations, and achieve their business goals using Amazon’s services and support system.


Flexible and Scalable

Sellers can take advantage of Amazon FBA’s flexibility and scalability, allowing them to adapt to changing market conditions and scale their businesses accordingly. Whether you’re a one-person operation or a growing company, FBA has solutions for all types of businesses at every growth stage. Sellers can start small and gradually expand their operations as they gain experience and confidence. 

Amazon handles logistics and order fulfilment, allowing sellers to concentrate on important tasks like finding products, marketing, and getting new customers. With Amazon FBA, sellers can adapt quickly, try out new products, and change their business plans to match what’s popular and in demand. It allows them to grow their business and stay ahead of trends.



This is a dedication and effort-demanding business, but its potential rewards make it a worthwhile pursuit to those with the grit and determination it takes to find success. Those ready to invest their time and energy can succeed. Anyone can start a prosperous venture using Amazon’s huge marketplace and resources at an extremely low cost to entry (see this blog post for further info on that). Embrace it, learn from it and continue striving no matter what. If one has determination, selling on Amazon can become a rewarding business opportunity. The Leads Feed is your one-stop destination for leads and professional advice to take your Amazon business to another level.

Start your journey with Amazon FBA today. Explore the benefits, challenges, and potential rewards of selling on the platform.


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