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What Can I Sell On Amazon As A New Seller?

Are you starting as a seller and considering what to sell on Amazon as a new seller? You can sell all sorts of products, like electronics and clothes. You can reach millions of customers worldwide with just a few clicks! People need gadgets for work or stylish clothes in their everyday lives. In 2022, Amazon became the most trusted brand in the US, so when you sell your products there, you’re reaching into that trust. It makes it easier for customers to pick your products. With such a wide range of items to sell, there’s something for everyone’s needs. Get ready to start selling and watch your business grow on Amazon!

Products You Can Sell on Amazon as a New Seller


  • Electronics and Accessories


Selling electronics and accessories on Amazon can make you lots of money. From phones to headphones, people always want cool gadgets. You can get in on the action as a new seller by selling different electronic stuff. Find out what’s hot right now and have good profits. Do some research to see what people want and make sure your products fit the bill. Don’t forget to write clear and detailed descriptions so shoppers know exactly what they’re getting. With a little effort, you’ll be selling like a pro in no time!


  • Home and Kitchen Products


Did you know that home and kitchen products are the top category among Amazon sellers? It’s got a big 32% share of the market! As a new seller, you can check out many categories in this area, like pots and pans, tools, cool decorations, and cleaning. 


Make sure you’re offering top-notch stuff that’s worth it for customers. Maybe you can find unique things or put together packages to stand out. Use Amazon’s fulfilment services to streamline shipping and delivery processes. That ensures a positive buying experience for your customers.

sell on Amazon as a new seller


  • Health and Wellness Items


As a new seller on Amazon, you have a great opportunity to tap into the growing demand for health and wellness products. Items like vitamins, supplements, fitness equipment, and personal care products are in high demand. By conducting thorough research, you can identify popular products with high ratings and positive reviews to offer to health-conscious consumers. Emphasising the benefits of your products in your listings will help attract potential buyers. Think about offering subscription options for recurring purchases to encourage customer loyalty.


  • Fashion and Apparel


Fashion and apparel are big hits for new sellers on Amazon. From clothes and accessories to shoes and jewellery, there’s a huge market waiting. Research what’s hot and what customers love to build up a collection of stylish and budget-friendly items. Ensure your product images are top-notch and your descriptions show what you’re selling. Offer different sizes and styles to attract all kinds of shoppers. Don’t forget to use Amazon’s advertising tools to get more people to view your listings. 


  • Books and Media


Books and media products are still popular items for Amazon shoppers. As a new seller, you can look into this category by selling books, e-books, audiobooks, DVDs, and CDs. Think about focusing on specific genres or topics with a dedicated fan following. 


Use Amazon’s print-on-demand services to publish your books and reach even more people. Build your author or brand identity to connect with loyal readers and listeners. Don’t forget to use targeted marketing to get the word out and boost your sales. 


  • Toys and Games


Toys and games are always a hit on Amazon, especially around the holidays. As a new seller, you can capitalise on this by offering a wide range of toys, games, puzzles, and collectibles. Check out what’s trending and which brands are popular to find products that sell well. Highlight your products’ educational or fun aspects in your listings to attract parents and gift buyers. Try to offer bundle deals or discounts to attract more purchases.


  • Pet Supplies


Pet owners are always searching for top-notch stuff for their furry pals. As a new seller, you can get in on the action by selling various pet products, like food, treats, toys, grooming gear, and accessories. Check out popular pet brands and products to see where there’s room for something new. Offer products that meet specific pet needs, like special diets or items for different breeds. Use Amazon’s ad tools to reach pet owners and get them checking out your stuff. 


  • Sports and Outdoors Equipment


Sports and outdoor fans always look for gear to fuel their adventures. You can enter this market by selling sports equipment, camping gear, outdoor clothes, and fitness accessories. Check out popular sports and outdoor activities to find products people want. Show off your products’ cool features in your listings to catch buyers’ attention. You can offer videos or guides to help customers pick the perfect gear. 


  • Office Supplies and Stationery


Office supplies and stationery are must-haves for businesses, students, and home offices. You can get in on the action by selling pens, notebooks, organisers, and desk accessories. Check out what brands and products are popular so you can offer great prices and top-notch items. Use Amazon’s shipping services to ensure customers get their orders quickly and reliably. Give them the option to buy in bulk or subscribe for regular deliveries.


  • Handmade Crafts and Artisanal Goods


Handmade crafts and artisanal goods are big hits on Amazon, and you can join the fun as a new seller. Show off your creativity and skills by offering special, one-of-a-kind stuff. There’s so much you can do, whether it’s handmade jewellery, unique accessories, or beautiful home decor. 


Share the story behind your creations and showcase the hard work that goes into each piece. Use top-notch images and detailed descriptions to showcase the quality and specialness of your handmade treasures. You can join Amazon’s Handmade program to get your stuff in front of even more craft-loving folks. 


  • Beauty and Personal Care Products


Beauty and personal care products are hot commodities on Amazon, with customers always looking for skincare, haircare, and grooming essentials. You can look into this market by offering various items, including cosmetics, skincare products, hair care products, and grooming tools. Researching popular brands and trends will help you identify products with high sales potential. Once you’ve found your niche, emphasise the benefits and features of your products in your listings to attract consumers.


  • Baby and Child Care Products


Parents are always searching for top-quality products to care for their little ones. You can enter this market by offering a wide range of baby and childcare essentials, such as diapers, wipes, baby food, cute clothes, fun toys, and handy accessories. Find out what brands and products are popular so you can offer trusted items that parents love. Make sure to highlight the safety and convenience of your products in your listings to catch busy parents’ attention. 




You’ve got tons of product options to sell on Amazon as a new seller. Success comes with research and strategic marketing. Prioritise customer satisfaction, offer competitive prices, and use Amazon’s tools. With dedication, you’ll gain success. With The Leads Feed, streamline operations, boost sales, and make more money on Amazon. Their easy-to-use platform gives you all the necessary information to make smart decisions. 

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Are you starting as a seller and considering what to sell on Amazon as a new seller? You can sell all sorts of products, like electronics and clothes. You can reach millions of customers worldwide with just a few clicks!

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