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Once subscribed you will receive highly profitable leads everyday which will save you endless hours of sourcing and help grow your Amazon business. Not only that you will also gain access to a wealth of powerful knowledge from our coaching team that can only be gained after many years of experience selling and succeeding on Amazon. Welcome to The Leads Feed


Whatever stage you are at in your Amazon journey we can help take your business to the next level!

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+ 1-1 call with an Amazon Expert!

The Bulking Booster is a one-time purchase with $1000+ earning potential, all for just $1 per lead! How? Well each item has at least a $5 profit, so buying 10 of each of the 20 items would roughly yield around $1000 in profit. We provide a fresh list daily so you can bulk up again and again, also you get a FREE 1-1 call with an Amazon expert for support with anything you wish.

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Daily Diet 💪 💪


Per month (Only $124 1st month!)

The Daily Diet is what you need to keep your Amazon business growing steadily over time. Suitable for beginners and more advanced sellers, it includes two monthly 1-1 calls with an Amazon expert for guidance in any area you need. Plus like with all packages we replace any erroneous leads, ensuring you always get your money’s worth

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Muscle Maker 💪 💪 💪


Per month (Only $240 1st month!)

The Muscle Maker is designed for those that are serious about success on Amazon. With smaller groups than the Daily Diet so your leads stay profitable for longer. It includes twice the 1-1 calls for constant support. We guide you through ungating, finding sales tax-free prep centers (saving thousands), and avoiding common mistakes to reach your goals faster.

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Take a look at why subscribers stay with us for a long time

wendy suarez
wendy suarez
I'm a new seller with Amazon and purchased my first leads list with Will. I'm so impressed and grateful for Will on walking me through several situations as a new seller. Not only did he provide quality and profitable leads he worked with me on ungating situations. If I have a question on a product, he responds immediately. He is great at finding solutions and making a situation right. I find it difficult to shop around for other leads lists as I don't want to lose that valuable connection with Will and his company.
John Perrin
John Perrin
I am a repeated subscriber to the leads and I have to say it has been a big help towards scaling my FBA business.
Martin McMillan
Martin McMillan
Ive been with The Leads Feed for 3 months now and am really happy with the results I have been getting. Will soon be upgrading to the coaching package If things continue as they are!
Jessica Piper
Jessica Piper
So much time saved on sourcing. The leads seem to be great quality so far, Thanks!
Tom Mattison
Tom Mattison
I recently upgraded to the the coaching package and have no regrets. The team were able to answer all the questions I had quickly and thoroughly and our one to one calls have been very useful.
Viran Boyagoda
Viran Boyagoda
This has certainly been better than the other leads sites that have too many people on each list. Glad to have found you guys!
Mansoor Jadoon
Mansoor Jadoon
It has been a pleasure working with the leads feed! Top notch service!

What Details Do We Give You About Each Lead?

When you sign up we create a private spreadsheet for you that contains every detail you’ll need on each lead, such as:

Retailer link for the product and Amazon link

Calculations for how to get the best deal

Net Profit, ROI, Store price, AMZ price

Any available discount codes or Cashback

Product Rank (30 day/90 day)

ASIN, Category, Product title

And much, MUCH more!



We will respond back to your request asap to start a quick conversation with you to see where you are at on your Amazon journey in order to diagnose what package would be most useful. You don’t pay anything until you are happy to move forward after our conversation. For example, if you needed our help getting ungated in certain categories before you get started then we will guide you through that process and will not charge you until you are ready to start receiving leads after having been ungated in the right categories. Your seat on the desired list will stay reserved and we will answer any questions you have about Amazon free of charge in the mean time.

We believe this is suitable for sellers of any size but have made efforts to make it as suitable for beginners as possible with our teams professional guidance included in the packages available. Those efforts extend to giving you discounted access to some of the essential software you need to sell on Amazon. Plus all the support you would need from our customer service team, the Facebook community, one on one coaching calls and our exclusive access to experts options that ensure that any question you have about anything will have answer for you and if you need guidance we can provide that for you too. We don’t want you to feel alone on this journey, we just want to help guide you to the success you desire.

We take your account health VERY seriously. IP issues are what all of us fear as sellers and it is something that Amazon still have not honed in properly for sellers so we have to do the best we can to avoid it before it can ever be an issues in the first place. To achieve this as best as we can we take many measures to minimise IP risk as best as possible.

We are proud to say that we have never delivered a lead to a subscriber that has resulted in an IP risk. But thats not to say it is impossible so we have partnered up with a company that has your back if you find yourself in that situation. Amazon based attorney Jeff Schick and his team specialise in bringing your account back to life if you have ever found your self in trouble.

So if you need any help in this area head to this link to ask any questions you might have: www.

Right now yes but we have our sights on the UK market very soon. Currently sourcing and training the right VAs to do this with to make sure the quality of products and service is just as great. If you are interested in a UK service like this please email requesting that you are ready to reserve a seat for this and we will get it together as soon as the demand for it is strong enough.

Every Amazon seller is different and so we want to give everyone the opportunity to benefit. You will all have different prep costs and some of you may not have to pay for sales tax if you are in a state that offers that. So we like to add bonus leads to each list to cater for the varying needs of each seller. For example, in the case where the profit margin hasn’t quite been met according to our target baseline standards we put it in the bonus area. There are many different reasons why something qualifies as a bonus and we will always leave a note on the lead to explain why it is.

We offer a vast array of categories including: Grocery & Gourmet Food, Beauty & Personal Care, Arts, Crafts & Sewing, Home & Kitchen, Sports & Outdoors, Pet Supplies, Tools & Home Improvement, Toys & Games, Video Games and more! We offer guidance to anyone who needs to get ungated in certain categories in order to make the most of the leads and open up your opportunities to make money on Amazon.

Short answer, yes! Our team are only human so very occasionally you may come across a lead that contains a detrimental error such as the retailer only allowing wholesale business’s to purchase items from their website. This is a detail that might get overlooked so if this happens all you have to do is let us know and we will replace it within the next 24 hours for you.

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